Top 5 Iconic Backdrops for Fashion Bloggers

Top 5 Iconic Backdrops for Fashion Bloggers

Strictly speaking, fashion is a seasonal affair, but no time of year is exempt from a fashion blogger’s enthusiasm.  Spring may be reluctant to let go its hold on the British weather system, but summer proper isn’t too far off on the horizon and the clothes are verytempting.  In the meantime, however, for those of us who want to frolic in the styles of the warmer months now, travel is a definite option.  And when it comes to fashion blogging, there are certain essential checklists for the setting of our photographic content.

Here are 5 top iconic travel backgrounds to suit every look for the spring/summer 2014 trends:

1. Sydney Opera House, Australia

The antipodeans’ country may be coming into its autumn, but the barometer is still registering around the 20˚C mark, leaving Britain in the dark of its rain clouds.  This splendid piece of architecture is a perfect neutral-yet-modern backdrop for pastels (Burberry was heavy on these during fashion month).

Whether you’re sporting feminine lace and knits on their own, or teaming them with metallic fabrics and sharp-cut skirts or trousers, the brilliant white of the Opera House and the blue water that surrounds it will enhance any picture for your blog.

2. The Great Wall, China

It’s an understatement to call this a popular tourist attraction.  An awe-inspiring piece of construction that offers a well-extended amble, the season’s luxe sportswear look would work well here.  Plus, China itself is a ‘hot’ thing at the moment.

Think functional exercise-wear re-imagined in leather, silk, suede and even sheer.  Take a pair of knockout heels in a backpack for when the shot is just right, otherwise the ‘luxe’ might be lost in translation.

3. Eiffel Tower, France

If you’ve managed to afford flying to the Great Wall, logic dictates a second iconic background opportunity that runs upwards as opposed to sideways.

One of the most iconic towers in the world, the Eiffel Tower in Paris is a firm favourite of fashion bloggers. Whether you’re in Paris for Fashion Week or a romantic rendezvous with your beau, make sure you get some fashion snaps with this backdrop.

4. Marrakech, Morocco

Vibrant Marrakech offers a fusion of flurry and flavours to colour your fashion backdrop. Visit Marrakech’s Koutoubia Mosque, the bejewelled souks of the city or meander through the brightly tiled buldings.

Go when dusk is falling and the mosque is lit up to really play to the allure of the shade or visit during the glare of the midday sun and head over to the souks afterwards to contrast the colour of the night with the myriad colours of the markets.

5. Hollywood Walk of Fame, California

If you prefer your blogging backgrounds less exotic, then the literally star-studded Walk of Fame in Los Angeles is the place to go (though the local ‘wildlife’ is far from boring).

The season’s deluxe denim works well here and won’t turn you into a new tourist attraction as you go about your innocent fashion-blogger business. Patchwork jeans are the key piece, as they’ll cross over into the colder months’ style.

Alternatively, strut your stuff with a little black dress and casual pumps and you’ll have a reel of film to die for.

Of course, not all of us have the luxury to jet off here and there and, if that sounds familiar, rest assured that the art school look (favoured by Chanel and Prada, and heavy on the geometric prints) works brilliantly with closer-to-home iconic backgrounds like Big Ben and other landmarks in London.  Happy snapping, everyone!