To be part of the modern world is to be connected by a global media, whether you live in the heart of a city thronging with people or in the middle of nowhere with not much else but the natural landscape for company. As you know, So Cape Town is committed to keeping you in touch with this world, bringing you the latest news in lifestyle technology and now, at a time when having the internet means having it wherever you go and whenever you want or need it, Johannesburg’s own MTN Group has spread a segment of its enhanced browsing capabilities to its Ghana division and ameliorated its lifestyle brand for customers’ needs there.

Founded in 1994, the South Africa-based MTN Group successfully brings mobile telecommunications to 21 emerging market countries throughout Africa and also the Middle East, having acquired the Lebanese telecoms company Investcom in 2006. Run by President and CEO RS Dabengwa since 2011, MTN’s ‘Pocket Internet’ is now available to Ghanaian customers, providing ‘internet-on-the-go’. With modernity meaning connectivity, this is certainly a thing to celebrate, allowing customers to Twitter on their tablets, watch clips and movies on YouTube, and update friends and family through social networking platforms.

Indeed, the package is called ‘Internet Celebration’ and comes after a substantial ‘Network Expansion Initiative’ which sought to “enhance speech quality, improve coverage intensity and to extend coverage to new areas”. Internet Celebration offers the benefit of keeping up-to-date with BBC World News or ESPN, for example, with the added bonus of up to 50% off some internet charges, despite this improved browsing experience for customers. MTN promises that, “whether it’s work or play, experience the internet at supersonic speeds” – be it at home, in the back of a taxi, or at a club with friends in town. The advanced service really does open up a ‘world of possibilities’.

Available to Pay As You Go customers only at the moment, MTN Pocket Internet has also been created with the belief that “through access to communication comes economic empowerment” and has been “designed for different kinds of people to enhance their mobile experience”. Information is power this day and age, and that knowledge is updated minute in and minute out thanks to the internet. For entrepreneurs, staying informed is crucial. No wonder MTN is the ‘network of choice’ for businesses as well as individuals: speed really is of the essence. Further, MTN Ghana launched its own Foundation for developing ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Programs’, underlining its commitment to supporting economic progression in the country.

On the whole, the technical improvements of MTN’s overhaul have included the addition of GPRS roaming capabilities, the introduction of WECA tariffs and, for Pay Monthly customers, the MTN Zone and the discounts that entails. For a company driven by “Leadership, Innovation, Integrity, Relationships and Can-do” attitude, the implementation of Pocket Internet in Ghana is no less than expected for a telecommunications group committed to excellence in emerging countries. And, as such, should most definitely be celebrated.