As Living Life Whole knows, there’s more to all round well-being than diet and exercise.  The soul needs feeding, too.  As some of the greatest figures in history understood, that spiritual nourishment most often takes place when travelling, as it widens our eyes and broadens our minds.  The ‘people shaped’, internet-based travel company Expedia have also realised that personal enrichment often comes with a journey.  Indeed, they’re promoting it.

Although the Travel Yourself Interesting campaign took root back in June this year, with their ‘Did you know..?’ adverts on business and social etiquette in Bulgaria and the Himalayas, as of September the campaign was back with a vengeance – and a new premise.  Wanting to show ‘how rapidly you can transform the mundane to the marvellous through travel’ and given the overwhelming popularity of Twitter, Expedia have taken notice of the rather boring tweets some people post.  As a result, they’re now promising that the most mundane (which include the hashtag #TYI) will be ‘spiced up’ in their latest adverts and the twitterers win prizes.  Further, the overall winner will be treated to a luxurious trip to Abu Dhabi.

Preluded by further ‘Did you know..?’ clips – the sheer mass of street food vendors in the Big Apple; a grizzly bear’s ignorance of the Yellowstone super volcano beneath it; vending machine toupees for dogs in Tokyo (that one’s quite an oddity, come on) – yawn-worthy tweets have subsequently been rolling in.  It seems quite a few people wouldn’t mind flying with Etihad Airways to the Arabian Nights Village on Yas Island in the United Arab Emirates.  Included in that excitement-seeking group is the Real Matt Lucas.

Tweeting ‘Ugh!  This water’s all wet’ on 17 September, Expedia ‘travelled interesting’ his post all the way to Gauteng in South Africa, spelling out the words in lumps of raw meat for two lions to fight over and consume.  Interestingly, the lions seemed to find that particular wording more delectable than Rory Sutherland’s of the same day and location (‘Halloumi cheese has a long shelf life’), as only one big cat would deign to nibble at it.  Apparently some tweets are so dull they’re tasteless.

Of course, the recession has curtailed many people’s ability to freely indulge in travel, especially outside of Europe.  The 1998-launched Expedia realises this, too, and frequently runs special deals on holiday packages, including car rental, in addition to its renowned discounts on flights with over 450 airlines.  The Autumn Sale is running now, with savings of up to 40%.  Gerry Human, the chief creative officer for Ogilvy & Mather London (the marketing company behind Expedia’s TYI campaign), said it right: the world would be a ‘better place’, and by extension the people in it better too, ‘if everyone was a bit more interesting’.  Foreign travel is a boon for increasing that certain appeal.

Why not have a go and Travel Yourself Interesting on Twitter today.  If your words don’t win a trip abroad, visit Expedia online and ‘travel interesting’ your body instead.