Expedia’s done it again.  Just when you might have thought it safe to tweet something as harmless as savouring a well earned cup of tea, Expedia’s Travel Yourself Interesting campaign has deemed chef Rachel Khoo’s hashtagged enjoyment of a hot beverage too humdrum and sent it packing to the French capital for some ‘spicing up’ – an apt location for words of the author and star of ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’.

The online travel company continues their search for the dullest tweet around, waiting (somewhat) patiently to find a suitably boring winner of their Travel Yourself Interesting campaign and whisk them off on a flight with Etihad Airways to luxury in Abu Dhabi.  In conjunction with the release of their own mobile app, Expedia are asking Twitter users to hashtag #TYI and tweet the mind-numbingly ordinary, the best of which will then be reinvigorated to humorous effect in various locations abroad.

The Travel Yourself Interesting campaign has been around since June, informing people of the breadth of knowledge to be had from foreign travel, from Bulgarian business etiquette to Himalayan social customs.  However, September saw its reinvention from television advert to YouTube campaign, stepping away from the ‘Did you know..?’ format and refreshing with travel the online words of those at home.

So far, both stars and public alike have been selected.  TOWIE’s Miss Jess Wright had her tweet ‘Can’t wait for tonight with the girls but hope this rain clears up! Birthday girl tomorrow’ sung to viewers by the guitar strumming naked cowboy of New York’s Times Square; Tom Fletcher’s ‘I just trod in cat pee’ was written in suncream on the back of a bicycle-wheeling nudist in a naturist park in Berlin; and now Rachel Khoo’s  ‘ahhhhh nothing beats a hot cup of tea’ has been artistically scrawled onto the side of a white jalopy and parallel parked in a typically Parisian arrondisement (with a little bumper bashing in the process).  Not sure how accommodating the café-imbibing locals will be of the tea leaves, however…

A short break to Europe wouldn’t go amiss with many people, let alone a disembodied tweet.  Expedia, founded in 1998, is renowned for its deals on flights and holiday packages and at the moment they’re running an Autumn Sale.  Although Michel Legrand might have loved the French capital in the springtime, autumn is a perfect season to walk the Paris streets without the crush of summer tourists.  A quick trip across the Channel would certainly get your taste buds prepared for Khoo’s new book, ‘My Little French Kitchen’ and a stroll along the Seine ‘travel interesting’ your person as a whole.

The competition continues apace.  Go to Twitter and Travel Yourself Interesting.  If you don’t win the grand prize of a stay at the Arabian Nights Village on Yas Island, after tapping out your tweet check out Expedia’s new app and, forgoing the United Arab Emirates, take advantage of an autumn deal.  By morning you could be breakfasting on croissants and café au lait.