As we at Pretty Stylish London know, the capital is a very trendy city indeed.  This is a fact undeniable on the city’s streets, but no more so evident than on the tube.  You only have to be sat (or stuck standing, in close proximity to a stranger) in one compartment, particularly at a weekend, to be given a microcosmic visual sample of Londoners’ wide variety of tastes in fashion.  Yet, for most of us, when we’re on the underground for the office commute to and from our respective jobs, the propensity of suits can become a shaded flood of black and grey tailoring – blending well now, granted, with the onset of the drizzly British autumn.  But Monsoon have set out to enliven our workwear wardrobes this year, with their signature style, and bring a little visual pleasure and cheer to our daily routine.

Colour, or rather pattern, is a key part of the ‘effortless style’ of the company’s AW collection for 2013.  The ‘deliciously wearable new looks’, inspired by Scottish traditional patterns and texturing, will keep away the dropping temperatures and blend the ‘comfort and glamour’ needed for keeping us feeling buoyant and productive at our desks.  Indeed, staff at Monsoon HQ have offered a few ‘fashion-forward’ tips, as well, so that we can be our optimal, stylish selves at work this autumn – because who says luxury design is confined to free time and evening wear?

One particular item it is suggested be included in our ‘capsule work wardrobe’ is the ‘trophy jacket’.  The ‘fashion story’ of the moment, the trophy jacket is Monsoon’s signature piece.  Lindsay, in E-Commerce, swears by them, combining one of the jackets (from £45 – £129) with her Carrie Jacquard Dress (£79) for that mixture of professionalism and feminine fashion treat.

Indeed, the retaining of the feminine seems to be a theme with the AW collection.  Buyer Helen suggests a Tunic Dress (from£49 – £69) with tights or leggings, jacket or even piece of knitwear for ‘that little bit of extra lift’.  Alternatively, ‘a pretty woven blouse with some chunky jewellery and some heels’, if your office subscribes to the ‘evolution’ of workwear that has been taking place.  Nevertheless, if suits are still the order of the day, who’s to say a subtly patterned shirt beneath the jacket would be remiss?  As Jo in E-Commerce and Trade Planning mentioned, before she was afraid of anything but black.  However, an Aurora Print Shirt (£49) subtly embellishes that failsafe shade with a fetching blue design.

Each of the women at Monsoon HQ admitted that working at the 1973-founded company changed the way they view fashion, altered how they felt in styling themselves.  Although the planned vs. unplanned method of outfit decision for the next morning’s wear is still up for debate, after looking at Monsoon’s AW workwear, surely most urban women will be likewise influenced to change their clothing choices this season.  No-one’s suggesting a rainbow; maybe just a ‘golden silvery’ lining to that grey cloud.