It’s finally September, a month that entails so many endings and beginnings: autumn is officially arriving on the 22nd, signalling the end of warmer, more carefree summer days (though the rain might already have made you suspicious), and either young children are returning to school or older ones beginning at college campuses.

As happens every year, new uniforms are a prerequisite (and, let’s face it, even uni-starters try it on for a new wardrobe), but what about us mothers?  With the holidays having dictated several vacation days for us as well, in a sense we’re also returning – to the workplace, to our jobs, to the daily grind – and it should follow that we treat ourselves to a new ‘uniform’, too.  On this premise, staff at Monsoon HQ have offered their very own styling tips for workwear in the season ahead.

The key this autumn is to step away from the black.  As Jo in E-Commerce and Trade Planning has admitted, “Before I started working at Monsoon, I was very scared of wearing pattern; I’d probably be in black from head to toe.”  It’s a sentiment many of us share, a ‘chic trend’ we’ve adopted from our sisters across the Channel, but as Jo also rightly said, we shouldn’t be afraid.  Indeed, we should embrace pattern for its ‘personality’.  And if ever there was a company renowned for its patterning, Monsoon – consistently delivering its ‘value and ethics since 1973’ – is it.

That’s not to say dear old black must be discarded entirely, but it would be a shame not to embrace the ‘effortless style’ of the AW collection, most of which is alive with seasonal pattern and colour.  For example, Liz in Recruitment is a fan of the Marilyn Monsoon Secret Body Shaping Dress (£69), a dress which is solid black, but at the same time she notes how the collection’s Carrie Jacquard Skirt (£59) has caught her eye: a puff skirt which comes in a multitude of restrained autumnal colours like dark reds, golden silvers and – yes – even black.

Inspired by ‘the colours and traditions of Scotland’, Monsoon’s AW collection is sure to make you stand out stylishly at work.  As Lindsay from E-Commerce mentioned, even if you’re sitting at your desk all day (as most of us are), comfort is key and Monsoon has purposefully endeavoured to make the workwear range ‘functional, yet fashionable’.  Further, just as children’s uniforms are a representation of their schools, so the way we dress at work represents our companies.

Yet, as Buyer Helen commented, ‘workwear has really evolved’ and, for many, it’s no longer a case of wearing a suit.  Indeed, Monsoon’s Aurora Print Shirt (£49) or Erica Embellished Shirt (£59) and Corinne Pencil Skirt (£45) are tempting alternatives.

These pieces are sure to make you stand proud at both the school gates and in the office.  Boasting ‘elegant separates and classic tailored cuts’ Monsoon’s AW workwear promises to make you look and feel ‘polished’, at your desk and ‘to dinner and beyond’.