The baked goods company that brought you ‘Krazy Kitchen’ returned for one more look at the fun and frolics of its summer lunchtime fun last week, Warburtons recapping on the best moments of culinary madness on set and behind the scenes that led to the McDermott family being crowned its Krazy Kitchen Champions of 2013.

From the anxious preparations and encouragement of familial team spirit among the contenders, to the hard graft of the men and women of the crew who made the whole thing possible, Warburtons ‘Krazy Kitchen’ challenge turned out to be a smash hit (literally, for the piñatas) in achieving their ‘mission to liven up lunchtimes with a whole host of great ideas and epic challenges’.  And at Kids Family Zone we know that’s a mission pretty much every parent has, most days of the year.

Employing products from the Warburtons Bakery Snacks range, two families – the McDermotts and the Griffiths – had to vie with one another over superior preparation of three simple-yet-tasty dishes.  The mums had to create a veggie dish with Warburtons Squarish Wraps, the dads had to employ Warburtons especially soft and easy to prepare Pittas for that ‘perfect lunchtime treat’, with a tuna and cheese filling, while the kids had to put the icing on the cake, so to speak, and bring forth the king (or queen) of all classic chicken sandwiches, using Warburtons tasty Sandwich Thins.  All this, of course, with sheer craziness taking place around them – from a parading Mexican Mariachi band, to attacking seagulls and a tilting fishing boat of a set, and finally giant chickens and a counter top wobbling with their pecking (courtesy of crew beneath).

The winners – or, one could say, survivors – of the 2013 competition were, as you know, the McDermotts and they’ll be given ‘a year’s supply of Warburtons bread’.  It seems their animated pre-show pep talks over the three weeks of filming paid off.  One certainly has the feeling that, having participated in ‘Krazy Kitchen’, lunchtimes at the McDermott house in future won’t be a boring affair!

Founded in 1876, Warburtons holds the concept of family at its heart, indeed the company’s motto is ‘From Our Family To Yours’.  From one bakery in Bolton to 13 throughout the country, Warburtons is now under its fifth generation of familial operation and flourishing, being the most recognised baked goods label in Britain, ahead of even Kingsmill or Hovis.  This is probably because its range is so wide: Warburtons offers Bread, Rolls, Gluten Free, and Weight Watchers products, in addition to the Bakery Snacks featured in the competition.

But the ideas in ‘Krazy Kitchen’ aren’t just confined to summer snacking and picnicking.  Warburtons products are ‘delicious hot or cold’, meaning that with autumn and winter approaching (and an increased appetite for comforting, warming food) you’ll still be able to offer satisfying lunches to young and old alike.

Who knows, having watched ‘Krazy Kitchen’, perhaps you too will find satisfaction in beating ingredients out of a piñata…