The school holidays are only half way through and, as usual, the British weather isn’t sure what it wants to do.  But with the possibility of a heat wave returning soon, families will once again be hitting the beaches and parks this summer, hoping to allay some of the boredom which seizes hold of our offspring about this time every year during the long stretch of vacation.  And, as Kids Family Zone know, with every successful sand day or barefoot run on the grass, the family picnic is what makes it, prolongs it, made even tastier when all members of the family help prepare it.  British baked-goods company Warburtons seems to have realised this, too.

The Warburtons ‘Krazy Kitchen’ competition has aimed to ‘Liven Up Your Lunch’ by pitting two families against one another in a race to see who can create simple-yet-tasty dishes the fastest and most efficiently with Warburtons Bakery Snacks, in the hope of winning ‘a year’s supply of Warburtons bread’.  You’ll never consider a sandwich ‘samey and boring’ again after watching what transpired.

Over three weeks, the McDermotts have pitted against the Griffiths.  Week one saw mum versus mum  ‘battle it out over a vegetarian wrap’ in a Mexican-themed kitchen, with the Griffiths matriarch coming away Guadalajaran queen of Warburtons Squarish Wraps, beaten out from the inside of piñatas by rolling pin.  Week two, on the other hand, was a case of dad versus dad, competing for the title of ‘Codfather’ of a tuna Pitta (Warburtons’ ‘perfect lunchtime treat’, easy to fill and prepare).  With the kitchen swaying like a fishing boat, it was the McDermott father that fought off the seagulls long enough to claim victory.  This meant that the children of both families would shoulder the pressure in week three – the decisive round.  The grand finale saw the kitchen truly get ‘krazy’, the kids ambushed by man-size chickens pecking at and around them as they hurried to prepare classic chicken sandwiches with Warburtons Sandwich Thins.  Young McDermott’s skill made sure her family triumphed.

Founded in 1876, Warburtons holds the concept of family at its heart.  Now under its fifth generation of familial operation, things have come a long way from Thomas and Ellen Warburton’s bakery in Bolton.  Indeed, based on sales, Warburtons is now the second largest grocery brand in the UK after Coca-Cola, running 13 bakeries and 13 depots throughout the country, and is the most recognised baked goods label in Britain, ahead of Hovis and Kingsmill.  In addition to its Bakery Snacks range, Warburtons offers Bread, Rolls, Gluten Free, and Weight Watchers products, its philosophy being ‘to provide honest good sense on issues of health and well-being’.

Warburtons’ motto is ‘From Our Family to Yours’, and the brand is easy to trust when it comes to feeding hungry youngsters (and grown-ups).  There’s a further video out this week, promising more surprises and inspiration for summer snacking, most probably extending the ‘krazy’.  But then, summer always drives families a little mad, doesn’t it?