In today’s world, two things are sure to get modern man (and woman) excited: technology and fashion.  The one assists us in managing our fast paced lives, the other makes us feel good about ourselves as we do so.  On this premise, British designer Christopher Ræburn combined with Sony’s Xperia Z to produce a truly memorable show for London’s Fashion Week.

With 100 of Sony’s new Smartphones attached to a 20ft long, 11ft wide spiral rig, Ræburn’s latest collection is an explosive affair – quite literally – with model Sera showcasing four of Ræburn’s designs, each consecutive garment ripped off him at three different intervals (or ‘explosions’) on the runway; and each of which the cameras simultaneously captured, creating a freeze-frame effect from 100 flashes in ‘bullet time’.  This is fashion in action.

Ræburn teamed up with Creative Technologist Daniel Hirschmann (a founder of Technology Will Save Us) in order to develop the set, with the help of George Profenza, admitting that Sony’s technology was the ‘backbone of the project’.  It’s an interesting combination of old and new, as Ræburn is known for his ethos of ‘RE-MADE’.  Having graduated with a Master’s in Womenswear from the Royal College of Art in 2006, it has been the British designer’s signature to use reclaimed parachutes and other surplus military wear for his creations, updating the materials from their historic use to his own particular contemporary sumptuousness.  This has led to Ræburn’s label being acclaimed for its promotion of ‘luxury with integrity’.  As US Vogue suggested, when it promoted him into the spotlight in a photo shoot with Mario Testino in 2010, “Remember the four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and Ræburn.”

So, what makes a designer who specialises in reclaimed combat fabrics want to join forces with a Smartphone that defines cutting edge and, especially, new technology?  Perhaps the key lay in the Xperia Z’s durability and sleek design.  A svelte 7.9mm with 5” display, the Xperia Z is made from glass fibre polyamide (as are automobile parts these days, in lieu of metal), and is not only dust-resistant, but water-resistant for up to half an hour, too.  In addition, the inside isn’t lacking either: boasting a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, Sony’s latest Smartphone is unrivalled in speed, graphic quality and battery efficiency.  What’s more, its 13 megapixel camera has the world’s first Exmor RS for mobile with HDR video, meaning ‘perfect pictures in any light’ (or at pretty much any speed or distance).  Available in black, white, or purple, the Sony Xperia Z looks rather good, too.  Certainly worth its £439 price tag.

The sturdy yet chic Xperia Z suits well Ræburn’s designs, particularly given his SS14 collection, under the title “Sandstorm”, evoking haute couture durable enough for dusty desert scenes.  The Xperia Z might “have gadget fans drooling with tech lust”, but Ræburn’s romanticized and restructured designs will have the fashion-conscious near fainting with ardour.  Through the aid of Sony’s sleek advanced technology, reused military wear becomes modernized; and oh so covetable.