London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park played host to the largest urban music festival on the planet again this year, as Yahoo! Wireless brought music’s greats to the stage between 12th and 14th July.  But amongst the stars of R&B and hip-hop, a lesser known group was an unlikely hit at the PepsiCo sponsored event: their very own Mariachi Doritos, performing live from inside a massive jukebox.

Following the Mariachi Doritos’ return to TV screens this summer in the brand’s latest advertising campaign, listeners at the festival could choose from the popular ‘Love Machine’, ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’, and ‘I Love Rock n’ Roll’ – amongst others that have been given a Latino overhaul – either by putting a coin in the slot beside the main stage or by tweeting #DoritosJukebox on their phones.

The Mariachi Doritos’ appearance at Yahoo! Wireless comes a year after the success of their first campaign, “No Sleep Till Kettering”, which included an emotional version of East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’, while the Mexican flavour to Doritos’ advertising has been around ever since the implementation of the Dip Desperado game campaign.  Yet, with their new rock n’ roll appeal (and lashings of hair gel), the Mariachi Doritos look set to be here for a while longer, spicing up our favourites before they become bland.

The fact that the performers themselves aren’t boring goes some to explaining the phenomenon.  Lead singer and vihuela guitar player for the band, Roberto Jimenez was originally a financial consultant (and general 80s music lover), whilst fellow vocalist and guitaron player, Salvador’s masculinity and hirsuteness apparently came into effect at six!  With guitarist Farman the joker of the band, accordionist Limber being the ‘ladies’ man’ and trumpeter Juan actually a bloke named Terry, the Mariachi Doritos are definitely not lacking in personality.

But why have the band branched into rock n’ roll?  As Roberto said, “In Mexico, rock and roll is a huge part of modern culture.  I grew up listening to all the great rock bands, and watched a lot of films that really captured our edgy style.”  In turn, Mexico itself has influenced modern culture worldwide: the tortilla, although first introduced by Hernan Cortez after his seizing of Mexico in 1521, is a foodstuff many couldn’t go without today.  Indeed, Doritos’ wide range of flavours attests to the fact: Cool Original, Chilli Heatwave, Tangy Cheese (the global favourite), Jalapeño Fire…  These are just some of the choices!

As the Doritos slogan goes, “For Fun Add A Little Mexican” – an ethos which fits well with PepsiCo’s general adherence to ‘Performance with Purpose’, or in other words the offer of a wide range of products for a wide range of tastes.  Certainly something which could be said about taking a Mexican flavour rock n’ roll band to an R&B and hip-hop festival!  But with ‘Doritos’ meaning ‘little bits of gold’, and the snack itself made from golden corn kernels toasted in golden Sunseed oil, could PepsiCo and their gold-clad Mariachis really go wrong?