Packing is a tricky business and the last thing you want to have to factor in is a weighty piece of technology.  To this end, many of us rely on the compactness that smartphones and tablets afford, everything being available in one place.  From mobile communication, and email and internet surfing on-the-go, to boredom-relieving and news-informing Apps and, particularly nowadays, an in-built camera function – these gadgets seem to have it all.  Yet, it doesn’t feel very luxurious to settle for just one piece of technology, does it?  And what about the quality of the images such a multifunctional device can produce?

Well, now you don’t have to skimp on treating yourself or worry about exceeding the baggage allowance, all in pursuit of photographic superiority.  Panasonic has just brought out its new Lumix TZ40, a sleek little compact camera with a LEICA glass lens that is simply perfect as an accessory for any luxury holiday, without the need for over the top professional cameras, separate lenses, and tripods.

Whether you’re inhaling the cultured air of a historic city, the refreshingly clean air of the countryside, or the salty tangs of a sea-sprayed coast, likelihood is you’re going to want to remember doing so upon your return home, in pictorial detail, especially on a luxury trip.

With a 20x optical zoom and 24mm ultra-wide-angle LEICA lens, whether you’re close to your desired target or not, you’ll be more than pleased with the image you capture.  You don’t even have to be stationary while you do it, given the Lumix TZ40’s inbuilt high-speed auto-focus and optical image stabilisers.  This really is quick pic with style, perfect perhaps for that well-deserved skiing holiday or far-flung surfing paradise.

A further benefit of Panasonic’s Lumix TZ40 is the compatibility with mobile technology.  Using NFC (Near Field Communication) and built-in WiFi, the TZ40 only has to be touched and held to the side of a smartphone or tablet for the photos taken on Panasonic’s device to be transferred over and shared through email and social networking platforms.  So no need to feel your mobile technology has become redundant for the trip.

Recommended by Trusted Reviews, who concluded that the TZ40 “maintains the TZ series’ position at the top of the travel compact tree”, owning Panasonic’s new digital camera is owning a top-quality piece of technology.  And now Spreaditfast, the fashion, entertainment and lifestyle trending company, are offering lucky winners the chance to win their very own Panasonic Lumix TZ40 in their #CaptureTheCamera photo competition.

In the belief that ‘a picture says more than a 1000 words’, Spreaditfast are asking entrants to say why they deserve a brand new camera by uploading a holiday snap to their social networking site (Facebook or Twitter) along with the hashtag #CaptureTheCamera and getting as many acquaintances to like it as possible.  The competition is only open to those in the United Kingdom and will be decided on Friday 2nd August, dependant on the amount of likes the picture receives.