A new city for your feet and new sights for your eyes.  Memory is a fickle thing, however, so time to click.  But wait; put your Smartphone away.  Panasonic has brought out a new digital camera to rival the rampaging progression of mobile technology in the image-taking arena.  Amateur photographers, take note.

At a time when many might wonder whether owning a camera is necessary anymore, when Smartphones seem to do everything we could want (except make a cup of tea), the Panasonic Lumix TZ40 is heralding a new era for digital photography.

Pocket-sized and shock-resistant, the TZ40 has been called the’ best all-rounder compact camera’ on the market today.  Yet, instead of vying for first-place against Smartphones in the photographic stakes, Panasonic has set out to combine forces: the TZ40 comes with synchronizing NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and WiFi, so that photos taken on Panasonic’s device can be uploaded to your Smartphone or tablet by merely touching the two together.

For the city traveller, that sounds perfect, as it enables ease of sharing via email or on social networking platforms.  When visiting a new, exciting urban destination, it’s human nature to want to share the wonder and the magic – visually.  The Lumix TZ40 is the ‘digital camera to see the world’ with and take home a little bit of history.

The TZ40 replaces Panasonic’s previous travel camera, the TZ30.  Founded in 1918 by Konsuke Matsushita, the electronics manufacturer’s first digital camera was released in 1997 (the ‘Card Shot’) and its first Lumix in 2001 (the DMC-LC5).  That product marked the first foray into optical image stabilisers within compact cameras, technology very much still present in the TZ40 with its advanced MOS sensor and high-speed autofocus.

If you’re soaking up some culture in the famous capitals of the world – Rome, Paris, London, Barcelona, or NYC and her torch-bearing Liberty – chance is you’re going to want a photographic record of your well-earned time away, preferably of a standard you can be proud of, and the Lumix TZ40 is the best compact option.  Further, you don’t have to be at the front of the touristic crowds to get the best shot: Lumix TZ40 boasts a 20x optical zoom and 24mm ultra-wide-angle LEICA glass lens.

Finally, Any City Travel, as part of the SpreaditFast community, is happy to announce that the Panasonic Lumix TZ40 could be yours, without the £299 retail price.

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