Summer’s here and our dresses are on, accessorized with cute sandals, sassy shades and a cooling iced drink.  But as Brits know, this won’t be for long, and as the high street label Warehouse knows, we like to start planning ahead for the season to come.  So it is that at the beginning of June, the British-born brand launched its Autumn Winter 2013 campaign, ‘Style Me If You Can’, promoted with an eye-catching, black-and-white flash mob through Oxford Street.  Developed on the premise that most of us create our own mental mood boards when moving from one season’s wardrobe to the next, trying to mesh and layer lighter with warmer options, Warehouse is asking customers to log on to the ‘Style Me If You Can’ section of its site and select pieces to make an outfit suitable for one of nine select scenarios within Britain’s fashion capital: London.

There’s further incentive than pure adoration of the latest trends, though.  From the nine select city scenarios for the style compilations, nine winners will be chosen, one from each category, and credited in the film which is to be created from the contributions to the ‘Style Me If You Can’ campaign (to be shown on one day only, at 90 minute intervals).  In addition, the overall winners will win a trip for two to New York, Paris, or Milan – serious fashion hubs – in this competition sponsored by “i-escape”, the free online booking and e-interactive travel service.

Given that summer is the party season and Warehouse is boasting a plethora of dresses from maxi to mini, and sun-worthy playsuits both long and short, its more than tempting to be given an opportunity to mock up an outfit for a favourite urban setting (options include ‘Going to the Cinema’ and ‘A Walk in the Park’).  It’s a momentary chance for fashion editing to become the occupation of all, not just the elite few in print, and those photo memories will be all the better for taking a peek at the trends to come.  Warehouse wants to see what you, the customer, want to wear (and be seen wearing), when given a particular London location.  So, if you’re one of the multitude of fashion bloggers and street stylists out there, this is certainly one campaign in which your talents will shine.

However, even if your passion for fashion has been broadcast on more personal social media platforms, closely tied to memories – that dress perfect for the beginning of summer party which finished with that evening stroll along the Thames, for example, the company extraordinary – why not log on, drag and drop which pieces you think match perfectly, and have a go at winning video and print credits, as well as a chance at flitting away to an inspiring fashion capital?  If Vogue is one of your favourite reads (it is ours), this is the chance to play at editor, and maybe even live the designer lifestyle for a little while after.  It’s every girl’s dream.