The British high street fashion label Warehouse launched their latest campaign, ‘Style Me If You Can’, at the beginning of June.  Pre-promoted by a flashmob of black and white attired, balloon yielding ladies on Oxford Street, the Autumn Winter 2013 campaign seeks to get the fashion conscious shopper more involved.  By becoming an online stylist and pairing different items from Warehouse’s collection, customers are being asked to create suitable outfits for particular occasions within the city of London.  Thus becoming one-time fashion editors, the mood boards developed will then be shared on custom-made and built-in social media platforms, further promoting Warehouse’s campaign and displaying the individuals’ talent and eye for fashion to a broader audience.

In an age when street style photographers are the layman’s paparazzi, women (and men) have become ever more self- and fashion-conscious about what clothes they dare to leave the house sporting.  If you’ve a taste for the vintage, it’s likely you are more than aware of this already.  It seems nearly everyone secretly deems themselves models of the street; and not so secretly, as blogs and other social media platforms are hugely popular in broadcasting such endeavours throughout the globe – all for the dream of being a true fashionista.  The renowned style magazine, Elle, took notice of this trend and subsequently made its internship application method a wholly social media-based process.  So, it was no far leap for Warehouse (known for making customers the focal point of its brand) to use similar methods for the AW13 campaign.

The nine scenarios which are available for shoppers to broadcast their stylistic brilliance with include ‘A Walk in the Park’ and ‘Going to the Cinema’, from which the nine best designed outfits will be chosen and then shown on film and in print, with the winners who created such combinations credited.  The film itself will be in nine chapters and released on a single day every 90 minutes, viewable from the Warehouse website, social media platforms, and on mobile phones as well as computers.  The release of the mini movie will be the reveal of who has won each ‘style chapter’.  Tense viewing!  Further, there is also a chance to win a spectacular trip for two to New York, Milan or Paris – perfect fashion capitals for those who are seeking inspiration from the industry’s best.  The competition is being sponsored by the ‘hip hideaways’ company “i-escape”, a free online booking service and interactive travel guide site.

In order to take part in ‘Style Me If You Can’, all you have to do is log on from the Warehouse website, pick whichever ‘lifestyle location’ you want, and then make the important decision of outfit combining, dragging and dropping your chosen pieces into the ‘style gallery’.  It’s just like an interactive mood board, found in every fashion magazine out there.

This is no con in like of Leonardo Di Caprio’s Mr Abagnale, Jr., so go on: be a persuaded thief of fashion publicity and catch it while you can!