It’s been a long winter.  One in which we’ve all become a little bit more acquainted with our coats than we’d probably like.  They might be stylish but, as the old adage goes, too much of a good thing is never good.  The skies have remained determinedly grey and cloud-covered, however, and a chilly wind has persisted, hindering our attempts to shed the things.  Hot toddies have remained in hand and comfort has been sought in the warmth of a favourite scarf (often bright in colour to offset the all-surrounding gloom that the UK has seemed to remain shrouded in).

And yet, might it be?  Is that a glimmer of hope?  It seems that, yes: the sun is about to break through at last.

So Warehouse’s new campaign promises.  The London-based fashion company has just released their video for Dash for the Sun, aiming to lift the mood of modern woman with its ‘essence of excitement’ and wish away the lingering wet weather (or snowy white weather, for some poor souls).  In an act of climactic defiance as well as jubilation, Warehouse’s models jump for joy, energetically shedding all those excess layers of clothing in this ‘tongue-in-cheek film’ of explosive vêtements.

In a literal bound, it seems a ‘girl about town’ can go from shuffling depressed through city streets to revealing her true, brighter, more summery self.  A self whose fabulousness has laid dormant and suppressed for so long; a self that is all about dresses and shorts.

Although the items being promoted also include the High Rise and the Supersoft Skinny (£42 and £40) – ideal if you’re not yet ready to reveal the sun-deprived skin of your lower limbs in urban surroundings – it is bare legs and beautiful arms which are indeed what it’s all about in the Dash For The Sun campaign.  Cross Stitch Shorts (£38) can be teamed with an Arizona Bandau Top (£36), or you can go for more traditional Turn Up Shorts (£26) in that combination.  If you want to go further and really embrace the return of the ol’ golden orb in the sky, then you might want to don the Bright Chevron Playsuit (£40).

Nevertheless, here at Dress In Style, we know what the real key piece is: the dress.  And the Totem Embroidered Skater Dress (£55) is an ideal item for your summer wardrobe.  Forget the LBD, the Little White Dress is what this season is about.

Further, on purchases of £50 or more, Warehouse is offering a ‘Dash For The Sun kit’, created in conjunction with Dermatologica, label.m, DHC, nailgirls, and Burt’s Bees.  Move over Boots, this CoolBrands fashion company is claiming summer as its own.

Warehouse is a label that ‘fits your life’, and in the modern world that life is pretty fast-paced.  Dash For The Sun positively embraces that energy.  It’s time to spring out of the winter gear.  Now is the moment.  Summer is here, and the fashion is hot.  As for the chaps: sorry, girls only.